neverGames is an indie game studio from Bucharest Romania, which aims to defeat boredom

An action pumped PVP arena shooter with auto-aim and energetic environment. Upgrade and unlock weapons, choose your build an progress to new arenas! Currently in Alpha stage.

Shoot guns

Shield yourself

Plant Mines

Launch Drones

Deflect bullets with your sword

Choose your weapons

Upgrade your weapons

Unlock new arenas

The team

Two brothers: One developer and one hard core gamer, they want to make something fun from them first, hoping it will be fun for others as well.

He codes

Mihai Dan Popa (MPopa)

Most used phrases:

"But it's working on my PC..."


He plays games

Dan Catalin Popa (Pandopa)

Most used phrase:

"It's not satisfactory enough"

"Can you order food for me?"

One indie development incubator studio: Killhouse games adopted the developer gave him a desk and fresh coffee.

They actually released a game

The creators of Door Kickers and Door Kickers Action Squad

Most used phrases:

"MPopa, we're out of coffee!"

"Is MPopa alive? Does he want food?"