Two brothers who always loved to play together decided to make games

Top-down action shooter with competitive and fast-paced gameplay in a cyberpunk universe where skill is everything.

Experience the intense action and get ready to fight real-time multiplayer battles against players from all around the world!

Use skill and strategy to win battles, climb to the top of the ranks, collect rewards & cards to unlock weapons and grid abilities.

The team

Two brothers: One seasoned developer and one hard core gamer

He codes

Mihai Dan Popa (MPopa)

"We need more meta game"

"It needs to be more complex"

"F*****ck, we are delayed!"

"We need more weapons!"

He designs

Dan Catalin Popa (Pandopa)

"We need more game modes"

"It needs to be more casual"

"Don't stress it, we'll be fine..."

"More. Weapons. Now. Please"

One indie development incubator studio: Killhouse games adopted the developer gave him a desk and many cups of sarcasm.

They actually released a game

The creators of Door Kickers and Door Kickers Action Squad

"When you'll go bankrupt, can we hire you as comic relief?"

"It's sad that you actually believe that you are making a good game"

"Look there is a book bundle online on <How to make games>, buy it, maybe you'll get something"